JEMS is a French company specialized in Big Data. With 900 employees and a turnover of 03M€, the company is present in 13 cities in France as well as in Switzerland, Belgium, Romania, Spain, Morocco and Tunisia.

JEMS’ business consists in creating, managing and exploiting our customers’ data assets, which thus become a real asset for the company.

We have a unique manufacturing process that allows us to literally industrialize the creation of use cases and innovative services based on AI or purely analytical product.

We design, from source to final usage, services based on data for our major customers in banking, insurance, energy, e-commerce, automotive, luxury, transportation, agritech, etc.

JEMS brand 

At the beginning a piece of graphite. A natural element, black in color, with a greasy texture, composed solely of carbon. Subjected to enormous pressures and very high temperatures, the atoms that make it up will come together and organize themselves. Bonds are established which lead to a complete change of properties. We go from an opaque ore to a transparent ore, from an electrical conductor to a pure insulator, from a soft, friable structure to an extreme hardness, from a common material to a very valuable product. The transformation is total, graphite C becomes diamond C10H16. A gem. 

This is exactly what we do at JEMS Group. We gather your data, the raw material, and we organize it, assemble it, transform it into completely innovative web services. And we do it with our data craftsmen, experts, who we continuously train in the latest technologies via the JEMS Academy in order to be sure to offer you the best skills for your projects. 

Services that transform your market, technology experts, that’s what JEMS is all about.