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Optimize your data factory with generative AI.

Start with a robust data platform

Today, no one can afford to miss out on generative AI. However, to fully operate its potential, it is imperative to develop and implement a robust data strategy.

With our Data Centric approach, discover the potential hidden in your data.

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Use our IAgen accelerators

JEMS.ai’s IAgen accelerators personalize your experience and make a significant contribution to the day-to-day running of your business. They offer tools adapted to your sector for in-depth digital transformation.
With an engine agnostic offer (OpenAI, Gemini, Bedrock), we make sure we take the most suitable one for you. Our approach will help you with :

A chatbot can be set up to query your data or tables and generate automatic queries (e.g., give me a summary).
The chatbot will be able to query all your documents using pre-trained open source vectorization models. For example, to find a document in the event of legal disputes.
To accelerate development in a closed model, without the risk of data leakage. The chatbot can help your teams generate code for quality assurance, for example.

Develop a maturity model for your LLMs

Not all companies are at the same level of generative AI maturity. To help them, we’ve set up an LLM maturity audit model that adapts to all contexts and supports you at every stage of your AI transformation.

Level 1

Quick and easy to use. The chatbot will answer a question using only the skills acquired during training.

Level 2

Simple to use, but richer. The Chatbot will answer a question based on the model's knowledge and your company's data.

Level 3

Complex use with high added value. The chatbot fetches information from the IS via APIs. This is the most interesting model

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Generative AI: between great powers and responsibilities