Published on 10/03/2024

“Mature” cybersecurity label awarded by CyberVadis

At the start of 2024, JEMS has just been awarded the “MATURE” label by CYBERVADIS for its cybersecurity risk management, the highest rating on the assessment scale. The company has moved up two notches since 2020, reflecting a risk policy that is fully integrated into the corporate culture. Well done to the entire JEMS security team for their hard work and progress.

Les niveaux de maturité CyberVadis


What is Cybersecurity?

“Cybersecurity, also known as information security or computer security, is the protection of a company’s assets (hardware, data, premises, intellectual property, people). These assets are protected against misuse, theft, corruption, destruction, as well as disruption or misdirection of the services it provides.”

The main objective is to protect the company’s information system from unauthorized access and damage, by implementing appropriate technologies, practices and processes throughout the organization.

Every company stakeholder has a role to play in protecting the information system. That’s why JEMS has decided, in order to further enhance its risk management, to be assessed by CyberVadis.


What is CyberVadis?

CyberVadis is a solution developed by the French EcoVadis group as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) assessment tool. It assesses companies on their cybersecurity risks. The results of this assessment highlight processes that are working, and identify risks and gaps that still need to be addressed.

The CyberVadis rating scale provides a clear and transparent measure of a company’s cybersecurity performance, according to the following levels:

  • Insufficient: impossible to verify the definition and implementation of an information security strategy
  • Basic: basic understanding of information security requirements
  • Medium: knowledge of information security requirements
  • Advanced: integration of information security needs
  • Mature: information security is an integral part of the corporate culture, and the company has a mature strategy.


Why the CyberVadis certification?

The CyberVadis assessment was carried out for the 1st time in December 2020 at the request of our customer SAVENCIA. This assessment enables us to measure JEMS’ level of maturity with regard to security risks, and to build confidence with our customers.

This approach complements our ISO 27001 actions. In fact, the assessment highlights our areas for improvement. The platform is also a day-to-day management tool, enabling us to track the progress of our actions.

Each year, we have to complete a form on the platform, which covers the themes of the ISO 27001 standard, providing evidence of the security measures implemented. The analysis is carried out by experts who evaluate our performance, and a full report is sent to us, including a scorecard and a detailed improvement plan.


In addition to involving the security team, this assessment also serves to engage and train JEMS employees in cybersecurity, pushing them to adopt new processes, as well as instilling in them the best practices to adopt on a daily basis, both in their professional and personal lives.