Published on 03/04/2024

New Google specialization: Cloud Migration

We are now a Google Cloud Migration Specialist Partner.

This second specialization confirms our PREMIER status for the 3rd year running, and adds to the first Specialization acquired: Data Analytics. It validates our position as a specialist in the migration of databases / Apps / Workloads to Google Cloud, and demonstrates a high level of expertise in :

  • Organizing projects around best practices and process standards
  • Data security risk management
  • Operational excellence and quality
  • Project monitoring and governance


JEMS is also recognized as an expert in these areas:

  • Smart Analytics – Data processing
  • Data Management – Enterprise Databasase
  • Smart Analytics – Data processing


Why choose JEMS for your Google Cloud migration?

With us, you’re choosing a Google Cloud specialist partner. Not only do we understand your specific challenges, we also offer tailor-made solutions to turn them into opportunities. Our dual specialization in Cloud Migration and Data Analytics enables us to offer you unrivalled expertise, ensuring a smooth transition to the cloud while maximizing the operation of your data for sustainable competitive advantage.


Ready to transform your company?

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