What is DataGalaxy ?

DataGalaxy is a French software editor that has developed a data governance solution. DataGalaxy offers the first agile data mapping platform, which enables business and IT teams to share a common knowledge of the company’s data in order to stay focused on the essential: creating value with data.


JEMS integrator of the DataGalaxy solutions

JEMS is a partner of DataGalaxy for all its data cataloging solutions. We provide strategic consulting and integration. The offer is divided into 3 parts:

  • BI and Analytics.  Data Governance To improve the productivity of BI teams and to give faster access to data to business users.
  • Data Governance To make the different actors responsible for the data patrimony and the way to use the data.
  • Migration to the cloud. To take advantage of a cloud migration by documenting information flows. We also address the quality of the execution of the flows as well as the freshness of the data (observability).

DataGalaxy is part of the JEMS data patrimony offer:

JEMS intégrateur Datagalaxy


Discover customer cases

RTE Data governance solution scoping strategy

Grand laboratoire pharmaceutique – Implementation of a data catalog for all R&D [Confidential client].

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