Published on 25/01/2023

How to ensure information security in the multi-cloud era?

Every year, on January 28th, we celebrate the Data Protection Day, an initiative of the Council of Europe. This “Privacy Day”, now celebrated worldwide, gives us the opportunity to explain JEMS’ positioning in terms of information security.


The observation in-house and among our customers

The reinforcement of personal data protection rules, the increase in cyber attacks and the growing volume of data processed are all reasons that make security an essential element for companies. Not integrating the notion of risks and good security practices as a data industrialist is just not conceivable.

The evolution of the ISO 27001 standard marks an additional step by reinforcing the requirements in terms of cybersecurity. In the same way that the notion of risks is put forward and extended to all the actors of the organization.

Over the past two years, all of our customers have increased the level of security requirements concerning the security measures implemented for the projects we carry out, including the deployment of two-factor authentication. We have also paid particular attention to raising the awareness of our employees in terms of good practices. More recently, some clients have required JEMS to have Cyber insurance.


How does JEMS address these information security issues?

Our security unit makes all employees aware of good security practices as well as security standards in projects and developments. In addition, there are monthly communication actions and security quizzes that all employees must take.

The objective is :

  • Minimize the risk of security incidents, often linked to human error or bad practices
  • To integrate security into the project backlog and make it a “user story”.

As these aspects are transversal for all JEMS subsidiaries, we have also certified our two new agencies JEMS LYON and JEMS TUNISIE in ISO27001 in 2022.


In summary

We are ISO 27001 certified since 2018 and as a data industrialist have information security at heart. We are in a process of continuous improvement and intend to pursue our commitments to our employees and customers in this sense. In fact, it seems that the fruits of our efforts are already being felt, as in our anonymous “Great Place To Work” survey of 2022, 93% of our employees recognize the importance of information security and its impact on projects.

To learn more: New edition of ISO27002, version 2022



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