Published on 04/03/2021

JEMS and the service centers

JEMS offers its customers a CDS in BUILD and RUN that goes further than the market players. Today, CDS on the market performs tasks without providing a final service to the user.

At JEMS, we set up a device to produce uses that will disrupt your market.  Our approach, which has been proven with over 400 projects, is based on two key entities: 

  1. The Core Team: the team that will build your data foundation (cloud, MDM, governance…).
  2. The Feature Team: the team that will deliver unique services (data visualization, data science, etc.) based on this foundation.

For you, everything works like a factory. We create this factory either on site or in one of our centers: the savings and time saved become massive. The tools and resources are shared. We are committed to being judged on our ability to deliver your system. Because commitment remains our number one corporate value.

Are you looking for a transformation vector? Do you want to become data champions without the constraints of the associated factory? JEMS CDS is what you need.