Published on 12/06/2021

JEMS in interview for the Challenges magazine!

We are pleased to announce the release of our interview on the magazine Challenges which will also be present on their page “Challenges Economy”.

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JEMS Group is a data engineering company, specialized in the integration of cloud and big data solutions. Through the collection and accurate study of its numerous clients’ data, the company develops radically innovative services for them. “Transform your data into innovative services” is the objective of the French company JEMS, European leader in the integration of cloud and big data solutions. The group currently employs some 800 people and has a flourishing turnover of 70 million euros.

Throughout the year, the company supports numerous economic players, mainly very large accounts and large ETIs. The goal? To provide a disruptive and customized technological expertise (cloud, big data computing, web platforms) close to the needs of each client in order to significantly boost their business.


A shift towards the world of data

Since its inception in 2002, the company has undergone several evolutions; in 2013 it decided to move towards a “full data” focus. “We are data-based technology experts. A large part of our work consists of finding innovative services based on our clients’ data assets. In concrete terms and to put it simply: we recover this asset and make it talk. For example, this work can be used to predict crop yields in AgriTech, or to optimize a transport chain of thousands of trucks using AI,” explain the company’s managers.


Implementing adapted technological solutions

The first step is to build the company’s data assets. Then, once the foundation of truth has been laid, a whole range of data science services becomes available, depending on the client’s data strategy.

“We work alongside our clients to determine the strategy to be developed in the medium term. Today, it’s too complex to draw up a five-year strategic plan, because in this sector, everything moves very quickly. The idea is to ask ourselves if what we are putting in place will bring them value over the next 18 months.

To achieve this, JEMS’ experts first take the time to identify all the issues at stake during preliminary brainstorming workshops.

During this phase, our goal is to determine the client’s vision to know what we will industrialize. Depending on the objectives set, we can then implement an appropriate technological solution, using our ecosystem of partners.



The will to establish a long-term presence in the region

In order to provide the best possible support to its numerous clients from different sectors (banking, services, finance, industry, retail, agriTech), JEMS is looking to recruit 300 new employees, an unusual move in times of health crisis.

Until 2020, we were doing almost 95% of our business in Paris. With the arrival of covid, we wanted to have a new and very offensive strategy. Through this initiative, we want to establish ourselves on a long-term basis in the French regions; this is why we have opened nine agencies in the four corners of France.”


Become the European leader in data

To continue its development, the company brought in an investment fund in November 2019; a financial source that is helping it recompose its capital and giving it the means to continue growing.

Our goal is now to become the European leader in data within four to five years. We are continuing to expand our network and are now present in countries bordering France: Spain, Switzerland, and soon in Belgium. We also have acquisition projects in Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Germany.