Published on 14/01/2022

JEMS is once again a Microsoft Gold Partner

After having obtained the Gold level on the Data Analytics competency last year, JEMS becomes a Microsoft Gold Partner on the Cloud Platform competency. An official recognition of the seriousness and technical skills.

JEMS est Gold x2 et Silver x1

JEMS has developed a strong partnership strategy around its positioning as a data industrialist while being agnostic of the market’s cloud computing solutions. At the beginning of 2022, the focus has been on Microsoft’s Azure solutions. And it is the GOLD label that we have received for the Cloud Platform competence:


What does it mean to be a Microsoft Gold Partner?

Microsoft Competencies are designed to meet the needs of customers who are looking for high-performing technical experts who are up to date on the latest tools. A Silver level competency illustrates ongoing engagement capabilities while a Gold level competency highlights excellence capabilities.

Being labeled a Gold Partner means that JEMS consultants have passed their certification exams in specific areas such as Data Analytics, Big Data, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Solution Cloud Architect, Associated Data Engineer or Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure PurView experts. This also validates JEMS’ capabilities as a distributor of Microsoft solutions.


How do Microsoft solutions fit into the JEMS offering?

Microsoft’s solutions cover the entire data value chain, just like our data assets offer. It is therefore normal to find them on our 3 pillars: create, manage and operate:


What is the impact on the market?

JEMS is a Microsoft Gold Partner, yes. But what does that mean for our customers? By becoming a Gold Partner, JEMS highlights its technological expertise. It also allows our customers or future customers looking for certified Microsoft solution providers to rely on a reliable partner. And this translates into some very nice projects.  Among these, we can mention the following achievements:

  • CEGID [Azure DevOps] – [Synapse] – A new data service for thousands of accountants
  •  TURAS –[Azure DataFactory] – [Synpase] – [Power BI] – Improving toll management with cloud computing
  •  CANAL DE PROVENCE [Azure Datafacory] – |PurView] – Creation of new services in the delivery of water


Congratulations to all our consultants for their efforts and to all those who contributed to obtain this label!



Matthieu LENTZ