Published on 20/01/2022

JEMS launches its new visual identity

A brand must evolve and follow its positioning. At the beginning of 2022, we are pleased to present our new logo.  A choice that is still simple and legible, built on our three pillars – Create, Manage, Operate – and that keeps the originality of our color!



A brand represents the combination of 3 elements: its value proposition, that is, what it sells, to whom it sells it and why it sells it, its services or products and finally its brand identity. These three elements represent a living system that balances itself. In the marketing world, we are familiar with this concept, which is called the brand triangle.  When we modify an element, the offer or the positioning for example, we must re-establish the balance. It is therefore natural to evolve our visual identity.


Is a new identity a rupture?

Let’s quote our president’s words here:

“JEMS is a data industrialist. This positioning is unique on the market. This change of identity is not a break with our fundamentals but rather a continuation of them.

So, no it is not a break. In a brand identity, the logotype remains the most visible element of an identity. We have therefore chosen a proposal that remains faithful to our values, to our way of being:

  • Commitment: with this logo we translate our will to open new territories, always with our know-how and our knowledge to be. Our commitment to our customers, partners and collaborators remains intact.
  • Diversity: it was important for us to listen to all opinions, and we have taken into account through a survey the opinion of everyone in the company. Because JEMS is not a siloed company;
  • Agility: JEMS has always had an agile approach in the way it responds to its customers’ needs. This is reflected in the very flexible form;
  • Boldness: The graphic choice is simple and effective but it remains singular with a warm and very human palette, which corresponds well to our approach.


The genesis of the project

After a recognized market expertise and a good reputation, we felt that our image was not in phase with our positioning and our ambitions.

By working with the LMWR agency which accompanied us, we wanted to illustrate at the same time our expertise as a data architect (to advise and organize the management of our customers’ data), our very strong business expertise on many data sectors (predictive data model, cloud migration, data visualization, IS change, data platform approach, etc.) and above all Industrial (to duplicate the proven processes in order to make the projects succeed within controlled deadlines and costs) of the Data.

The challenge was therefore up to the task and we are proud of the result:



Thanks to all the JEMS employees who gave their feedback and to the team that worked on it!



Matthieu LENTZ