Published on 24/01/2022

Our commitment to sustainable development

At JEMS, our desire to be a committed and responsible player is reflected in our commitment to sustainable development. To this end, we have implemented a corporate social responsibility strategy that is directly integrated into our corporate policy. This corporate strategy enables us to remain true to our values of excellence, ambition, commitment and responsibility, while orienting our customer offering towards more sustainable solutions. We also act on different axes of commitment.


Sorting and recycling: a daily use

In order to be as close as possible to our commitments, we have changed our purchasing habits to become more responsible. We now use only 100% recycled paper and choose suppliers who apply a CSR policy. For several years now, recycling has been an integral part of our employees’ daily lives, with dedicated recycling garbage cans in the work and catering areas of the premises. Every month, a specialized company collects and recycles used ink cartridges, pens, caps, batteries and lamps; but also paper, plastic bottles and coffee capsules.

JEMS développement durable

Optimization of energy expenses

Printers are automatically set to double-sided printing; air conditioning thermostats are programmed; we use a renewable energy supplier and have a good practice charter as well as a green data center.


Use of bio-degradable products

We give priority to the purchase of natural products for hygiene and cleaning of toilets and common areas.


Code refactoring

We have built communities and repositories allowing us to refactor. Long before adopting an eco-responsible approach, the teams were dedicated to the same ambitions: to establish a high-performance code and to have a UI/UX approach allowing to answer the current challenges. We have reinforced the development issues by adding a pragmatic approach that respects the environment.


Transport optimization

We favor videoconferencing instead of inter-CDS travel. We set up distance learning courses and promote the development of soft mobility (50% public transport or bicycle subscription).


Sustainable development… also human!

We have been a signatory of the Global Compact for several years, respecting the following principles: human rights, international labor standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption. We fight as actively as possible against discrimination in the labor market and ensure on a daily basis that all kinds of discrimination are abolished within the company. Moreover, diversity is one of our core values and the presence of 37 different nationalities on a daily basis is a strength for us.

We attach particular importance to the well-being of our employees at work. We decided to launch the Great Place To Work project by conducting a satisfaction survey – totally anonymous – among our employees. This survey allowed us to highlight the company’s strong and weak points and to lead working groups to work on the different areas of improvement.


Certifications and conferences

On the values side, the fight against corruption is also a key point at JEMS. In order to guarantee and continue sustainable and healthy relationships with our customers and suppliers, we are therefore ISO 27001 certified since January 2018. This certification lasts for three years and imposes strict rules on us in terms of information systems security. Training is delivered to employees and follow-up quizzes are sent regularly to remind them of the security standards in place. In November 2021, we launched the “24 hours of security”: a day dedicated to corporate security, with various activities carried out to raise awareness among all employees. In addition, we regularly participate and organize GDPR conferences showing our constant involvement in data protection.


At JEMS we share our commitment with our employees, customers and suppliers, and make new contributions each year to improve our impact on the environment.