Published on 15/11/2021

Our value contribution on dataviz

On the one hand, ideation, group work, friendly workshops to look for inspiring ideas. On the other hand, functional dashboards to make the right decisions. Two key expertises to launch new services but which do not talk together. What if we combined the two? That’s what we bring to dataviz.


An offer that creates innovative dashboards

At JEMS, we have been convinced for 4 years that the contribution of lean UX is not limited to the deployment of specific web and mobile applications. Service design accelerates the development of our data visualization solutions, and our user-centric approach guarantees end-user acceptance. We have created a packaged offer for the development of data visualization applications based on a user-centric and design thinking approach. We design and industrialize innovative dashboards integrating data storytelling that can be activated at JEMS in service center mode. This offer is called DiXiT. DiXiT stands for Data Intelligence eXperienced Interactive Technology. The user experience is at the heart of the data visualization process. Data assets must be transcribed in a way that is intelligible to all, graphically represented with a design that helps understanding, rapid analysis and decision making.


Our value contribution on dataviz

The support JEMS offers takes place in several stages. First, we start by understanding the need via interviews to define the scope. Then we build together an interactive prototype with real data where recommendations of data model emerge in order to launch the industrialization properly. Finally, we train the users and transfer the skills.

We organize workshops to ensure that the design and realization of the application runs smoothly. This is done on the one hand with a project management part: kick-off, follow-up committee, steering committee. On the other hand, it is done through realizations such as sketching workshops or user tests.

How does it work?


An innovative approach for a real added value

Our approach systematically starts from the concrete needs of our clients:

  • Bringing modern touches to their applications: visual hierarchy, contextualization, combinations, one page content;
  • Improve user services: ergonomics, clarity, reduction of representation bias;
  • Replacing an aging legacy system;
  • Optimize the availability of data visualization applications.

CONCLUSION: In less than two weeks, we simulate a vision of the finished product and deploy an industrialization process. A significant amount of time saved.


For more information

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  • Coface : redesign of the monitoring tool using data and design for the credit insurer
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  • YouTube : DiXiT is an offer that combines user experience, design and data storytelling

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