Published on 16/01/2023

[REPLAY] JEMS & SCP: Using data to address water management and conservation issues

Last December, we were present at the Louvre for the Microsoft Envision France. In the presence of our client, we were able to explain the ins and outs of this project. In particular, we explained how we implemented a production line of use cases around data at Canal De Provence, and this around subjects of great importance such as

  • The optimization of water management
  • Its routing
  • The saving of billions of liters

All this according to the climatic and agronomic stakes for an operator operating a hydraulic network equipped with 70 000 communicating objects. Discover below the replay of this conference.

To go further, you can also consult our case study Société Canal de Provence, as well as the following Microsoft article: JEMS, the data at the service of ecology.