Published on 10/02/2022

The importance of associative projects

How to share the company’s successes other than in monetary terms? The societal aspect is a strong demand from employees. It is now at the heart of any company strategy. At JEMS, citizenship is one of the components and we are proud to help our employees in their actions.

Last September, one of our employees who has been involved in his local civil protection unit for years asked us for financial support to accompany him. “We needed a mobile unit to ensure our missions, one that would be comfortable, with maximum space and all on the lightest vehicle possible.

Eric Stoclet – Expert Drupal at JEMS

Remorque financée par JEMS RSE

3D model of the trailer made

To receive you have to ask.

Eric applied in the fall of 2021 and was immediately approved. JEMS therefore participated in the financing of the trailer for Eric’s civil protection association. “Being involved in an association requires a significant personal investment and we like to value it at JEMS” according to President Jacques Benhamou.

The word citizenship, like citizen or civism, finds its origins in the Latin word civitas, the City, equivalent to the Greek Polis which gives the word “political”. Citizenship evokes membership and participation in the political community.



“Acting as a citizen is a way of joining the community.”


What is civil protection?

logo de la protection civileThe civil protection is an approved association of civil security which is under the responsibility of the Ministries of the Interior and Health. The association has 3 missions: HELP – RESCUE – TRAIN.

  • HELP :
    During natural disasters, major events, the Prefect requisitions us to support the public rescue services if they are insufficient. Example: storm Alex, Paris attacks, etc. The civil protection engages its means to help the wounded, to take care of the psychologically shocked persons, …
  • RESCUE: If we are usually only present at sporting, festive or cultural events to open first aid stations, our missions have been extended since the health crisis. Intervention at home at the request of the SAMU (prompt help), inter-hospital transfers of Covid patients, etc.
  • TRAIN : We train citizens to first aid gestures and deliver them the PSC1. We also provide initial and ongoing training for all our volunteers: first aid, radio, care of psychological suffering, use of equipment, etc.

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