Published on 07/02/2023

We are a Talend Platinum Partner 

We are delighted to be now (and for the first time) recognized at TALEND as Platinum Partner EMEA Region.

This is a recognition of all the efforts we have put in place on pre-sales, sales, operations and of course on our commited expertise in each delivery.

JEMS is a historical partner of TALEND and we are proud of this strong partnership because we are deeply convinced that it offers the best data solution on the market.

At JEMS, we are the first data industrialist in Europe. For us, it is fundamental to have an industrial approach for your future use cases, which does not create technical debt. As such, we have developed a method to create YOUR use case factory. With this method, you get your use cases to market x3 faster, at marginal cost.

How do we do it? Notably by working closely with TALEND, which allows us to develop our layered model, registered with ISO in 2014. Collaboration that has allowed us to develop innovative use cases:

In 2023, we will go further with TALEND thanks to its CDC Change Data Capture module. This model, which allows for only a partial extraction of data during the creation of a use case, dramatically accelerates availability.

Today, on the one hand, we have TALEND: the most accomplished, easiest to use and most mature solution on the market. On the other hand, JEMS: the expert in data industrialization. Our partnership is undoubtedly the best solution on the market for those who want to develop use cases related to data in an industrial way.

This decision reinforces an already strong relationship and makes us join the very restricted ecosystem of TALEND PLATINUM partners.