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Generative AI will add value to your services

The expansion of generative artificial intelligence is opening up new and innovative perspectives, with complex challenges for companies. While the two engines ChatGPT and MidJourney have been much talked about by the general public, what about companies? ChatGPT, yes, but what for? How can it...

What is generative AI ?

"Generative AI and its possibilities". (1/5). Here we go again. Since ChatGPT's latest release in March 2023, we've started to fear AI again. "Generative AI a risk factor", "Gen AI and the end of HR", "K-pop turned upside down by generative AI", "82% of companies...


What is DataRobot ? DataRobot has developed a unified & collaborative platform that accelerates the use of AI, allowing both data scientists and coding novices to create their own predictive machine learning models.   The JEMS + DataRobot offer The platform accelerates and democratizes data...


  The Dataiku Data science platform DSS allows teams of data professionals to collaborate in the same environment. It allows not only the analytical processing of data, but also the development of new solutions.