Published on 26/01/2022

We are a Great Place to Work

In October 2021, JEMS launched the project to be labeled “Great Place To Work“.  Within 2 months, the team was in place, the survey launched, and the report executed. And the answer arrived in the nick of time: JEMS was certified GREAT PLACE TO WORK 2022. A total success.

Following the launch of the project, all JEMS employees were invited to answer a completely anonymous survey on different aspects of work in the company: confidence in management, pride in the work they do, conviviality and relationships between colleagues. The pride pillar will be unanimously agreed upon. And among the strengths of JEMS we will find:

  • Employee development: The company offers me useful training for my professional development.
  • Work atmosphere: The work atmosphere is pleasant
  • Mutual aid: you can count on the help of colleagues and other staff members
  • Shared vision: Management has a clear idea of the company’s objectives and knows how to achieve them.



Participating in this survey allowed us to compare ourselves to other companies that have the same ambition as we do: to continuously improve the employee experience and strengthen trust within our company. JEMS’ values of boldness, commitment, diversity and agility, as well as effective leadership, create a culture of trust that encourages everyone to develop their full potential.



What is the “Great Place To Work” label?

Great Place To Work® is the reference in quality of life at work. Their teams of experts have been supporting the cultural transformation of organizations for over 25 years. Thanks to a unique and structuring methodology, they evaluate employees’ perceptions and companies’ practices. Great Place To Work® surveys more than 12 million employees in 60 countries every year, using two tools: the “Trust Index©” survey conducted among employees.


How are companies evaluated?

The methodology is unique and different. Two tools are used to evaluate companies:

  • The Trust Index© is an employee survey.
  • The Culture Audit© evaluates the quality and diversity of management practices within the company.

The responses of the employees to the survey have allowed us to highlight our strengths and to be certified “Great Place To Work”!