A dashboard for industrial automation

A dashboard for industrial automation


Project context

PQH Holding SA is active on the European markets of packaging, watchmaking, building automation and services. PQH wanted to create a financial monitoring service. The creation of a dashboard for Cetec, the group’s building automation subsidiary, will serve as a pilot project. The purpose of the service will be to monitor the financial movements of the subsidiary and to indicate the commercial results of the group. In the future, the service will be rolled out across the group’s 8 subsidiaries. 


What were the customer needs? 

  • To improve the management tool: JEMS approached the Executive Committee of the PQH group to find out about their problems and expectations. We audited the existing Excel reports and integrated the ExCom’s expectations in terms of indicators and functionalities. Our dataviz expertise made it possible to implement a report composed of 3 views in Power BI that perfectly met expectations. 
  • Obtaining a dataviz solution in a set timeframe: the challenge of the project was to make the new report available to users very quickly. We realized the prototype of the report in 2 weeks and delivered the Power BI report in 2 months. Applying the lean methodology ensured we saved time and worked efficiently. This method is used in all our dataviz projects. 
  • Accompanying the client and the end-users through the changes in usage: the dataviz report was designed to be easy to duplicate by the client’s technical department. JEMS helped Cetex to take ownership of the new report in order to keep its design and to create new reports dedicated to the 7 other subsidiaries of the group. 



Missions carried out 

  • Interviews and creation of user stories: the UX coach conducted interviews to better understand the end-users: issues, expectations, wishes. The coach asked questions about the work environment (fixed or mobile use, type of connection, etc.) to design a service adapted to the environment. 
  • Creation of personas: the persona takes into account all the criteria of the end-user, including his or her problems (trust and reliability in the service, ease of sharing…) 
  • Basis of the sketching: two playful workshops with the product owner and the users made it possible build, in a very short time, the basis of the dashboard. 
  • Definition of wireframes: wireframes were designed following the sketching. This is the penultimate step before the final dashboard preview which shows all the elements in a very realistic way: navigation, KPIs, filters, graphs, tables. The data is real and has been transmitted by the product owner. 
  • Prototype creation: the Cetec prototype integrates the graphic charter. The coach ensures that the color and typographical codes are respected while checking the compatibility with the BI tool, in our case Power BI Desktop. 


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