The future of school exam revision is here

The future of school exam revision is here


How does the digitalization of educational tools meet current expectations? 

Hachette Éducation wants to develop its digital activity to accompany the launch of the Passeport Révisions application, recruit new users and promote the development of digital activities. As a result, a new platform will be created to present the products and to make possible online testing exercises. But also, to encourage subscription to the premium version. 


Solution provided

JEMS technical teams accompanied Hachette Education through several workshops. The objective was to co-design the entire technical architecture of the new Passeport Révisions platform. 

The technical foundation must ensure Hachette Education is particularly robust and reliable in the following areas: 

  • Customer account management: creation of accounts for different profiles (parents/children/teachers), parameterization and online subscription. 
  • Complete e-commerce management of the platform: subscription payment, purchasing from the tablet application, tracking of all payments and invoices. 
  • Sponsorship: implementation of a sponsorship system to develop the platform’s activity. 
  • JEMS brings its expertise on both the design and the implementation of the technical architecture of the Passeport Révisions platform. 


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