Data Science

Forecasting with Machine Learning


What is Data Science?

The purpose of data science is to extract knowledge from data. It is often confused with artificial intelligence, which is one of its components. At JEMS, our service offer is very much oriented towards the final product and industrialization.


Our Data Science offer

Invent, develop and deploy Data Science projects in production with the best practices of the market while training your teams at each stage

Our offer consists of three successive, independent phases, where each mission can be carried out in a project management mode with a commitment of means or in a fixed price mode with a commitment of results. Our offer is distinguished by :


   A real expertise in industrialization of Data Science use cases

   A rigorous development approach

  Training on the latest software from publishers


Our three proposed phases

Design: it’s the study of the needs and the framing. What do you want to do with AI? No problem at the beginning, no AI solution possible.

Development of AI models with a JEMS specificity in Grid Search and Python packages.

Industrialization is the key phase that we break down into 5 steps: identification, code refactoring, building the integration chain, validation and deployment.


Our partners

  • Data Science platforms


  • Data Index :


  • Cloud operator :



Our experts for your Data Science projects?

  • Data scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • ML Engineer


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Learn how data science helps banks prevent fraud and money laundering operations.


Which working method? Agility! 

We set up a training and certification system on agility at scale (SAFe).