A unified digital platform for the cinema

A unified digital platform for the cinema

How a French film distributor and producer set up its entire digital ecosystem to strengthen its market position. 


How to approach its digital transformation 

SND for Société Nouvelle de Distribution is a multi-media distributor (films, audiovisuals, video, VOD, TV…) and producer belonging to the M6 group. SND’s main activities are the acquisition, management and distribution of exploitation rights for audiovisual works (French or foreign films), throughout their exploitation cycle, completed by those of catalogs and cinematographic co-production. 

Performance is based on the development of the catalog: recent cinema films, TV series, comedy programs and documentaries. Despite very strong competition and a market in full transformation, SND confirms its position as a strong player. 


The chosen technological solution 

JEMS’ approach: centralize knowledge to enrich and distribute it. 

It was therefore necessary to rethink the entire digital architecture into a platform that centralizes metadata and media, fed by all the operational staff concerned, in order to be able to distribute rich and customizable information to all the sites (www.snd-films.com, pro.snd-m6video.fr, boutique www.snd-m6video.fr, servicing e-snd). 


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