Digital: patrimony, design by growth and micro-services approach


Users are more and more demanding and expect more and more efficient digital solutions. So, we have to do better, faster, and cheaper. And yet companies are still too structured in business silos and technical territories with multiple breaks in the scope of responsibilities. Projects follow one another and accumulate legacy and technical debt over several years.

However, the arrival of “unique” digital experience management platform proposals will not solve the problem once and for all, because tools (and fashions) alone will not unblock creative energies.

What are the digital leaders doing?

Where start-ups and pure players have taken a serious lead is not only on digital interfaces and services, it is essentially with a “Customer First” vision and a “data centric” architecture.

Hence our conviction: the value of digital is built in the data patrimony and its rapid operation, and in time to value and continuous improvement.

This is why we need to innovate in an agile way, by industrializing versatile software bricks and resources that can be adapted, in a holistic way, to the uses and channels of communication.

  1. Reliable and accessible data, freed from silos and legacy processes, with optimized management of input-output APIs.
  2. Growth Driven Design, which allows us to build a useful digital experience, focused on the needs and satisfaction of users (CSAT, CES, NPS). This is our credo: the useful digital experience.
  3. An open and scalable digital ecosystem that allows the addition of quick-wins and use cases. A scalable platform (no-code concept, micro-service) allowing the development of new services in continuous improvement (dedicated sites, APPs, gamification, etc.).

The arguments to boost your digital

  • This starts with expertise in digital platform, with a strong CX / UX culture.
  • With an ability to design and implement digital devices (web and APPs) that are actors in the chain of data patrimony enhancement, both as sources and as uses.
  • Without forgetting to think openly and “out of the box”, with an ecosystem of solutions and partners that are rapidly operational.
  • And also an operational DevOps / SecOps continuous integration chain, for industrialized deployments.
  • Finally, a good web quality assurance repository, which guarantees the ability of your online services to meet explicit and implicit requirements.
  • And finally, functional test automata (graphical interfaces) and deployment automata.

Examples of services offered

  • Development of native or cross platform mobile solutions
  • Development of e-commerce sites (products, events, stays…) but also corporate site intranet extranet B2C/B2B;
  • Provision of specific APIs (REST, SOAP, GraphQL)
  • Interfacing with directory information systems, ERP, CRM, and data flow management, automated imports and exports
  • Management of SSO, 2FA, Oauth, SAML, Kerberos authentications…


Our technological skills



Our partners


  • Customer Service: an award-winning customer service software offering used by over 200,000 customers. Let your customers contact you via SMS, mobile, phone, email, chat (and chatbot) or social networks, reduce processing times and significantly improve customer relations.

  • Data Responsibility: your tracking and visitor experience data is worth its weight in gold! Take back control of visitor engagement and conversion, monitor your MarTechs, continuously check compliance with legal obligations.


The JEMS advantages

An integrated digital agency offer based on 15 years of “useful experience” and more than 1000 projects
With JEMS expertise in all areas of data

By providing technical assistance or project mode services for the build or TMA phases of applications
But also a QA pole that controls the conformity of deliverables (VPTCS model, accessibility, responsible digital, security, green IT)
And finally a continuous integration chain (devOps, secOps) to accelerate the industrialization of your projects


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Which working method? Agility! 

We set up a training and certification system on agility at scale (SAFe).