Design Thinking / Data Thinking

Define a problem, and imagine its solution with Design Thinking


Thinking and imagining with three objectives: desirability, feasibility and viability & two focuses: user experience and data.

We see Design Thinking at JEMS as an essential element to boost your innovation and involve your teams.

Indeed, Design Thinking is often presented as the innovator’s magic toolbox. With it, everything is possible. But as David Kelley, founder of IDEAO, says in his video, Design Thinking is above all a state of mind. Above all, it will be applied in all fields with empathy, creativity, co-creation, iteration and prototyping as basic principles.


Design Thinking answers the question “what?”, while UX Design solves the “how?”.

Design thinking existed before UX Design and is more flexible in its approach. First, by simplifying the global analysis phase of the entire design process by focusing on the statement of a precise problem. Then, by focusing on the proposal of solutions (ideation) with deliverables that can be tested quickly (pretotypes and prototypes).

This is why at JEMS we use it in the first phase of a data and digital project, because it allows us to explore a problem and to arrive at a clear and shared vision. Moreover, we often combine it with the Service Design offer, especially when it comes to working on the overall customer journey.

desing thinking
Define a problem, and imagine its solution with Design Thinking

From Design Thinking to Data Thinking

Long-term performance innovations are inseparable from the use of a scalable, reliable, available and secure data patrimony.

That’s why JEMS, as a data industrialist, offers you a multitude of solutions to reveal your data patrimony. But what about the couple Business and data? This seems less obvious.
Indeed, if everyone has an opinion on data, few organizations manage to link their data patrimony with the rapid design of new services and uses. Thus, we are convinced that a data centric vision is essential at all levels of the company. Therefore, to acculturate project teams, we offer Data Thinking workshops in order to bring out the real contribution of your data in your business vision.

The Data Thinking method is based on user centric principles, but adds at each step the consideration of the data asset on the three axes: create, manage, operate.
And above all, the participation of data specialists (data scientists, data analysts, data storytellers) will improve the data culture in your company. Similarly, data literacy is the key to improving the collaboration of multidisciplinary teams that understand, use, improve and secure data.


Services offered

  • Inspiring experiments: reframe your challenge. Test your assumptions. Put yourself in the user’s shoes.
  • Creativity tools: learn the methodology with the problem statement, the pool of possible solutions, the value proposition and prototyping.



  • Prototypes and storyboards
  • Reflection tracks
  • Use cases & MVP


Proposed experts

Design Thinking Coach, Facilitator: the coach of project teams in workshops in charge of providing innovative solutions to various problems.  He/she leads participative activities (Ice Breaker, Lego© Serious Play©, 5 why’s, Needs / Wants / Desires, One Big Idea, Value Proposition, Lean Canva, Brainstorming, Ideas Wall, Six to one, Crazy eights, crash test, etc.).

Psychologist, anthropologist, sociologist: the contribution of “human sciences” is essential in the empathy phase. In the same way, contributions such as studies of phenomena, social behaviors and changes in society are useful to frame the problematic and inspire the ideation phase.

Data specialists: data consultants trained in Design Thinking who will enrich the exchanges with a practical vision of the uses of data.


Other design services offered


The JEMS advantages

15 years of design expertise: the “useful experience
With the data expertise of JEMS, the data industrialist
A dedicated UX/UI Center of Excellence, available in project mode or on assignment
With ResOps (Reseach Ops), DesOps (Design Ops), BizOps (BizDevOps) methods and tools
Not to mention our network of partners specialized in data and innovation



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