The advent of digital design has revealed the potential of data

Disruptive proposals have combined the promises of technology with the needs and expectations of each user. Moreover, these new uses have created new challenges: digital accessibility, private data, ecological and societal footprint, security and trust issues.

The JEMS offer: design your data patrimony

Beyond a foresight tool that inspires innovation, we propose to use design to connect the needs and expectations of the market and the operational capacity of your company. With data as a key patrimony and digital as a lever to reveal it: WE MAKE DATA INGENIOUS.

Improve your products and services with a User Centric approach

Design Thinking / Data thinking (discover the offer)
  • Irritation points – Personas, XPMap, EmpathyMap
  • Key issues and functional needs (JobToBeDone)
  • Ideas for reflection – Ideation
  • MVP and key concepts – Data/Digital teams

Develop innovative services with increased usage value

Service Design (discover the offer)
Product Design (discover the offer)
  • Designing experiences, paths and interfaces that enhance your brand
  • Multidisciplinary workshops in co-construction
  • Web/mobile prototypes – wireframes, mock-ups
  • User tests and quick arbitrations

Go faster with industrialization methods and tools

Design Ops (discover the offer)
  • Systematize, codify, improve processes
  • Capitalization – atomic search, design system, automation, versioning, continuous delivery.
  • Measuring use value and satisfaction (A.Q., KPIs) from the design stage

The JEMS advantages

An offer based on 15 years of useful experience
With a data literacy approach that reveals your data patrimony
A dedicated Center of Excellence, composed of experts, available in project mode or on assignment
With ResOps (Reseach Ops), DesOps (Design Ops), BizOps (BizDevOps) methods and tools to accelerate the industrialization of your projects
and in addition, a network of partners specialized in the improvement and measurement of customer satisfaction (Zendesk, testapic, etc.)


Proposed experts

Coach / facilitator: the accompanier of project teams to design products/services.

Sociologist: studies phenomena, social behaviors and changes in society.

Lead UX Design: responsible for the coordination between departments to create a pleasant user experience. He/she assists the UX/UI teams, and technically pilots the projects.

UX Researcher: has the role of knowing the users and their expectations in the context of use.

UX Designer: intervenes throughout the interface design process. Also, he/she validates at each step the ergonomics and usability of the products and services.

UI Designer: brings the graphic environment in which the user evolves(s). For example, he/she determines the typography, colors, shapes and styles (design system, perceptual and functional patterns).

UX Writer: as a content designer, the UX Writer works for digital efficiency by focusing on words and visuals. His/her job is to produce useful content that optimizes the user experience (path, reading, actions).

DesignOPS: allows to systematize, atomize (atomic search, atomic design, design system, etc.) the practices. But also to automate the delivery chain with development operations (DevOps).


So if you have a project, ideas to test and materialize… 

Our design team loves new challenges.

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Which working method? Agility! 

We set up a training and certification system on agility at scale (SAFe).