Automate and accelerate design processes with DesignOps


DesignOps (or Design Operation, or DesOps) is the DevOps equivalent of design operations.

Design 4.0 (also known as Design 4.0) adds a dimension of high-speed, large-scale design support to strategic design disciplines (Design Thinking, UX Design). This is possible with computer-aided research, design, development and business optimization.

The traditional conception no longer keeps up with the pace.

Personalized digital platforms require interfaces powered by content algorithms derived from highly advanced data collection. Also, interfaces must correspond to all user contexts and behaviors, by managing a set of data available throughout their journey, up to the actions at the end of the journey.
Finally, the practice of test and learn pushes the automation of design steps.

DesignOps allows you to systematize, codify, capitalize and automate processes that are compatible with Research Operations (ResOps), Business Operations (BizOps) and Development Operations (DevOps).

DesignOps provides tools

First, it allows design actors to work quickly, using agile principles and shared digital tools.
Secondly, the implementation of tools to measure use value or satisfaction (HEART, AttrakDiff, SUS, NPS, CSAT) allows to guarantee the relevance of choices. In short, designOps allows you to decide whether to pivot or continue.
Finally, the implementation of a quality assurance model represents the ability to satisfy the explicit expectations and requirements of users, the rules to be respected (implicit requirements). It is a quality management from the design phase.


Automatiser et accélérer les processus design avec le DesignOps


Culture and DesignOps tools

  • DesignOps culture: design acculturation, best practices, evaluation of results (measurable impact)
  • Which integrates a Design process: atomic research, atomic design, design and delivery processes, quality control (Opquast web quality, green IT), rituals, processes and automation
  • With collaborative work tools: Mural, Figma, Invision, Design system, versioning, Jira, etc.
  • As well as dashboards: KPIS and ROI measurements

Other design services offered

The JEMS advantages

An offer based on 15 years of “useful experience”
With our data literacy approach to reveal your data patrimony
But above all, a dedicated Center of Excellence, composed of experts, available in project mode or on assignment
Combined with DevOps know-how, which enables the industrialization of your projects
Not to mention a network of partners specialized in improving and measuring customer satisfaction (Zendesk, testapic, etc.).

Accelerate your time to market with DesignOps

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