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The Service Design offer is complementary to the Design Thinking/Data Thinking offer. Indeed, here we will not simply address a problem but analyze the whole user experience: actors, touch points, competition, etc. It improves the user experience by designing, aligning and optimizing an organization’s operations to better support the customer journey. The focus is on the functionality and form of services from the user’s perspective.
Service Design is above all a revelation of your data patrimony and of your organizational and technical capacities to create new services.

Service Design differs in two ways:

  • Specific methods and tools: to operate visualization and stimulate collective intelligence: Experience Map, Persona, Empathy Map, Ecosystem map, Stake holders Map, Customer Journey Mapping, Service Blueprint, etc.
  • A global vision to embrace the complexity of a service from A to Z.

Where UX Design conceives the interface, Service Design focuses on the service and the organization behind it with the goal of a functional, useful and pleasant result for the user.


Freeing users from silo structures

Great service and a great customer experience are the result of the ecosystem of people, processes, products, partners and digital platforms that make it up. Too many projects drag on and on where a team’s responsibilities end… The whole company must be organized around the service vision, and be able to rely on an accessible and easily operated data patrimony, allowing to free creativity and reactivity to new ideas and concepts.

Freeing users from organizational and system silos allows for fast, reliable, seamless experiences, with the desire to reduce technical debt and legacy inertia.

With a systemic approach, we enable you to explore more positive interactions with your customers, to design new and better services, and why not to find the famous “blue ocean” that your competitors have not yet discovered or operated.

Proposed services

  • Multidisciplinary workshops: bring a team together outside of existing silos and boxes
  • Team cohesion: a succession of co-creation workshops and take the time to assume the co-constructed ideas
  • Customer immersion: literally dive into the end-user’s world.



  • Business Model Canvas
  • Blueprint Service
  • Prototypes


Proposed experts

Design Thinking Coach: accompanies project teams to design products/services by applying the methodology.

Sociologist: studies phenomena, social behaviors and changes in society.

Lead UX Design: responsible for coordinating between departments to create a pleasant user experience.

UX Researcher: has the role of getting to know the users in the context of use, and ensures a solid interface design.

Data Thinker: is responsible for identifying the data and data assets at the heart of new concepts and services.


Other design services offered


The JEMS advantages

15 years of design expertise: the “useful experience
A data expertise: JEMS industrial data
A dedicated UX/UI Center of Excellence, available in project mode or on assignment
ResOps (Reseach Ops), DesOps (Design Ops), BizOps (BizDevOps) methods and tools
A network of partners specialized in data and innovation


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