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What is DevOps?

DevOps is a repository of best practices that is constantly evolving. It is based on Lean methodology and agile practices. In DevOps, business managers, development, operations and the quality department collaborate to continuously deploy different versions or features of a software. The goal is to adapt quickly to market feedback and make processes as natural as possible by eliminating unnecessary ones.

In short: Build a data platform in a more iterative way by shortening delivery cycles while ensuring resilience and product quality.


DevOps, a state of mind

DevOps is not an individual offering at JEMS, as it is infused into all our offers. It’s a mindset. We believe that everyone should be able to give feedback on something and that feedback should be considered. This is why you will always find it attached to another offer (data platform, website development, etc.)

Our approach aims at industrializing (standardizing and automating) the tasks of code deployment, infrastructure, security measures, data flow and monitoring of the data platform.


Offre DevOps JEMS


At JEMS we follow the CAMS27 method
Culture, Automation, Measurement and Share.


  • Culture: they are first and foremost people who work. Valuing them remains the priority
  • Automation: to make products more reliable and simplify processes
  • Measurement: measurement to work on facts and not on impressions
  • Share: sharing knowledge and fostering an environment of trust


Our DevOps services

  • Automation of your installations: setting up technical environments and deployment of the application;
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment CI/CD: the basis of DevOps for a continuous, reliable and fast delivery;
  • Industrialization: development standards, scalability of developments, configuration files;
  • Capitalization: knowledge is transmitted to your teams who gain in methodology.


Discover our case studies:

  • RCI Bank : a unique repository in automotive banking
  • VINCI: improving toll management with cloud computing
  • For GCP: Galerie Lafayette


Our experts for your DevOps projects

  • DevOps engineer – infrastructure: he designs software differently with Linux, openshift, windows, debian
  • DevOps engineer – development: same as above but specializes in DC with the mastery of Docker, kubernetes, jenkins…
  • Agilist : he develops the agile method in projects at different levels according to his speciality.


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Which working method? Agility! 

We set up a training and certification system on agility at scale (SAFe).