Master Data Management

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What is master data management?

Master data management (MDM) or master data management is the process of creating a single point of reference for widely shared company data, such as customers, products, suppliers, employees, sites, organizations, etc. Master data can be information about the company’s products, customers, suppliers, sites and assets.


Why should I do data governance?

  • Because I need to control the quality of the data in my asset
  • Because I need to guarantee the uniqueness of the analysis axes used by my clients


There are two very different types of Data Management 

  • The MDM: Master Data Management.It allows to centralize data to create a unique and reliable record of information for the whole company. It guarantees data integrity and quality. There are 3 types of MDM: consolidation, cooperation and centralization.
  • The DQM: Data Quality Management.It performs data quality diagnostics taking into account the rules of governance in order to implement appropriate solutions. The evaluation is carried out on qualitative and quantitative criteria.


Discover our Data Management customer cases


  • TEREOS : Implementation of a governed datalake
  • VINCI : Construction of a common repository
  • RCI Bank : CMDM project sheet


Our proposed Data Management services



  • Inventory of the Data patrimony: and structuring in different data domains.
  • Standardization of models and information sharing within the company



  • Implementation of a quality diagnosis: Measurement of the quality of your data, proposal of remediation rules and quality management metrics
  • Control and management: Harmonization, standardization
  • Continuous improvement: Cleaning, remediationNormalization, Deduplication-merging, Enrichment by external data, Lifetime and relevance



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