Data Analytics and Data Visualisation

Data Visualization or the art of making your data talk


What is the purpose of Data Visualization?

Data visualization (or data viz) consists of providing value-added information to understand the data and take action according to the changes observed and to come.

Whether you are a controller, a financial or sales manager, a CIO or a CEO, TAD is the optimal digital service to be quickly informed about the health of your company or your department.


Data Visualisation JEMS


We distinguish 4 types of uses:

1.Visualize the data

      • See the indicators at a given moment.

2. Understand the data

      • Check the results and verify the reliability of the data.

3. Analyze the data

      • Operate and cross-reference the complex data you are interested in to further investigate.

4. Data as a Service

      • Use a real decision support tool. It highlights points of friction and alerts the user to data that may exceed the threshold or if the trend is not aligned with the forecast.

Dixit, the Data Viz offer by JEMS

Our Dixit approach has proven to be an obvious choice for our clients:

– Wishing to bring modern touches to their Data Visualization applications: visual hierarchy, focus, contextualization, combinations, one page content, etc.

– Wanting to improve user services, sometimes based on the lack of end-user acceptance of their existing solutions: ergonomics, clarity, reduction of representation bias.

– Wanting to overhaul their Dashboarding service to replace an aging existing system

– Wishing to optimize the Time to Market of DataViz applications


Today, it is a reference for clients who have chosen it.


An offer that adapts to your needs

We cover the 4 types of usage by offering dashboards adapted to user needs. From the simple need to consult indicators to a real decision support tool, we support you in the implementation of your reporting service.


A proven design method

Dixit is based on a method that combines Data Storytelling, Design and User Experience. Our Data and Design experts work in agility to define and realize with our customers, the optimal Data Visualization service.



The realization of the data viz service is broken down into 4 steps:

1. Data audit & recommendations

Our data experts audit your data architecture. They check if the data model is consistent with the BI tool and user needs

2. User knowledge

We place users at the center of our thinking to guarantee a reporting service in line with their expectations. To do so, we set up interviews, surveys, we share the information that will allow us to define, together, the target vision of the data viz service.

3. Prototype and user tests

We present in only 2 weeks, the interactive prototype of your dashboard! This gives you a real preview of the final service. You will be able to navigate and interact as you would with Power BI for example. A test session is planned to verify that the indicators and the ergonomics of the service are clearly understood by the end users.

4. Delivery of Data Viz reports, handover and industrialization

We deliver ready-to-use reports using the BI tool of your choice or according to our recommendations. We accompany you on the handling of Data and Design by various means (documentations, tutoring) to help you industrialize the realization of your dashboards in-house.




The JEMS advantages


An offer based on a unique method that combines User Experience, Design and Data storytelling


An offer that adapts to the BI tool of your choice (Power Bi, SiSense, Qlik, Tableau…)


A preview of your dashboard in only 2 weeks!


A dedicated Center of Excellence, composed of Data, Design and BI experts


Delivery of turnkey reports


Customized tutoring to teach you how to adapt the report to other departments


Our certifications / partners

  • Data visualisation : 


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  • Embedded Analytics : 

  • API Management : 


Discover how data visualization can improve your dashboards

  • Coface : redesign of the monitoring tool using data and design for the credit insurer
  • PQH Holding : A data visualization prototype for the packaging subsidiary

Discover the entire Dixit offer in 1 minute on video!

  • YouTube : Dixit is an offer that combines user experience, Design and Data Storytelling


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Which working method? Agility! 

We set up a training and certification system on agility at scale (SAFe).